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Collaboration and Conversation

At the core sits the idea of collaboration and conversation between local universities and the city council, to benefit the city of Leicester and its surroundings. To that end, in 2016,
Grant Butterworth at Leicester City Council,
Prof. Loretta Lees at University of Leicester (now Boston University),
Neil Stacey at De Montfort University (now at The University of Nottingham), and
Dr. Robert Harland (Loughborough University),
established the Leicester Urban Observatory. It's a place for discussion and events around the study of urban architecture, design, geography, and planning in Leicester.

Key People

Other contributors

*Founding members: Grant Butterworth, Robert Harland, Neil Stacey, Loretta Lees

Other individuals contributing to its formation, early development and ongoing activity include :

Gavin Brown, Simon Gunn, Nicola Handa, Justin Webber, and Paula Burbicka.

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